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Compare: cloudlinux and vps - my tests

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  • Compare: cloudlinux and vps - my tests

    One of my customer have phpBB forum. It is not small forum - it has max about 300 unique users online the same time. I set this up on CentOS 6 with cPanel and CloudLinux. Limit was default: 1GB. Users received very fast: error 500 - memory limit. I changed memory limit in CludLinux up to 3 GB. The usage of RAM was all the time about 2,1-2,2 GB. Forum works correctly.

    So then I set this account on vps: OpenVZ (Debian with the same config) with hard limit of RAM: 1GB.
    and this forum works VERY well! Usage of ram is (all the time):
    74%, 767.2 MB of 1 GB / 256.8 MB free

    The configuration on both account is the same (virtual and vps):
    Apache 2.2.22
    php 5.3.10 working as suPHP
    mySQL 5.1 ...

    What is difference ? On shared usage of memory was >2GB and on vps ~800kB !