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Virtual Memory Fault - 500 Internal Server Error

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  • Virtual Memory Fault - 500 Internal Server Error


    There is a website on my reseller server that has very little usage. But twice this month it caused a "500 Internal Server Error" not just on its website but on every website on the reseller account. It did this by turning off PHP processing for every account.

    Each time the PHP processing was off for more than 10 hours. Then Cloudlinux either turned it back on or the web host turned it back on. But I dont know how. The web host said that Cloudlinux said that it went over resources. But the resources are super low. Here is the usage:

    03-27 00:00 03-27 01:00 4 6 0 0 50 382K 1.5M 512.0M 0 0
    03-26 00:00 03-27 00:00 4 14 0 1 50 1008K 512.0M 512.0M 1 0
    03-25 00:00 03-26 00:00 2 10 0 1 50 1.0M 75.4M 512.0M 0 0
    03-24 00:00 03-25 00:00 4 20 0 1 50 1.2M 49.3M 512.0M 0 0

    Webalizer says there were only 216 hits on 03-26 and only 69 files accessed. Bandwidth says there was only 1.15 MB of Bandwidth used on 03-26.

    It says mMEM went up to 512.0M out of nowhere and 1 Virtual Memory Fault (VMemF). But why does it get that error when the usage is so low? And why does it turn off PHP for every website on the account?


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    Could you please submit a ticket to, our techs will handle it.


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      The Web Host finally admitted to me that the issue in question may have been related to the MySQL service which required a restart. From a review, it looks like it was affecting not only yourself but other sites on the server as well.

      Does CloudLinux limit resources so that PHP and MySQL service is turned off? Is there a setting for this?



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        Im not sure that I understood the part with PHP and MySQL services turned off. Could you please describe what exactly was happening with PHP and MySQL?

        And would still recommend submitting a ticket to our techs, as we need additional info to check that everything is configured correctly.


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          Thank you for the reply. I submitted a ticket but Im not sure I can get all the information the techs ask for because I dont have the privileges. I can tell you what I see from my end. All the websites on the server that use PHP all of a sudden display "500 Internal Service Error".

          I contact the Web host and they have no idea why it is happening. Then they try to solve the problem by stating that the .htaccess file is configured incorrectly and they edit .htaccess without asking and change it so that PHP is not processed in .html files. So now some of the .html pages display but they are showing all the PHP code to the browser.

          I then show them all the .php pages that are still not working. Then the techs at the web host tell me that a website reached its resource limit so CloudLinux limited the resources. I look at the usage stats and see that they are lower on the day it stopped working then on any other day that week. I also ask them why would CloudLinux stop all the websites with different domains from displaying instead of just one. They make up some answer about this being a good thing.

          Finally, about 10 hours later the websites are working again and PHP is working fine. The web host techs have no explanation for me except for stating that the website has reached resource limits so CloudLinux Kernal limited the resources. Finally, a day later they admit to me that all the websites on the server were affected not just the websites under my account. And that they needed to restart the MySQL server.


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            The only way we can tell what was going on with the server is by working together with server administrator, which is your hosting company. CloudLinux runs on a server and can indeed limit resource usage, but we cannot control how administrators configure the limits. So if your hosting company would like to figure out what happened, they can open a ticket with us, and we will be glad to help.