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Cannot update PHP due to HardenedPHP

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  • Cannot update PHP due to HardenedPHP

    I am using a WordPress site and I need to update my PHP version because of WordPress security warnings. There are also a few plugins I am trying to update, but when I click on "Learn more about updating PHP version" I come to a landing page on CloudLinux that says "Good news - CloudLinux already took care about the PHP version of your website" and says basically that I cannot update PHP.

    I never signed up for CloudLinux HardenedPHP and I need to update my PHP version.
    If anyone knows how to update my website or even remove HardenedPHP, please let me know.

    Thanks a lot,

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    HardenedPHP is a widely popular feature of CloudLinux; it comes to the rescue when our customers have to support older PHP versions and have no options to migrate all the websites to the latest releases.
    We provide security updates for deprecated PHP versions to ensure that its still safe to use them. However, the majority of modern CMS do put higher PHP versions as a requirement and do not support such a huge variety of PHP versions available through HardenedPHP.
    Usually, its up for the system administrator of the server to manage the list of available PHP options for their end-users. Try to look for the PHP Selector tool in your control panel; you can change the PHP version for any thats pre-configured on your server. Or it can be inside MultiPHP Manager if youre on cPanel.
    If you dont find those pages inside your account, contact your hosting provider to figure this out.
    For any system administrator looking through this post: we have CLI tools to change the PHP version for all users. Check the article below for how-to examples