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  • easyapache issue

    so weird problem. I converted alma linux 8 fresh server into cloudlinux. Now when i visit easyapache 4 i see this on all the packages
    This profile includes the following packages that are not supported on this server:
    • alt-php51
    • alt-php51-bcmath
    • alt-php51-cli
    • alt-php51-common
    • alt-php51-dba
    • alt-php51-devel
    • alt-php51-firebird
    • alt-php51-gd
    • alt-php51-imap
    • alt-php51-ioncube-loader
    • alt-php51-ldap
    • alt-php51-mbstring
    • alt-php51-mcrypt
    • alt-php51-mysql-meta
    • alt-php51-ncurses
    • alt-php51-odbc
    • alt-php51-opcache
    • alt-php51-pdo
    • alt-php51-pear
    • alt-php51-pecl-ext
    • alt-php51-pgsql
    ​Ect it goes all the way through all php versions.

    But on the cloudlinux manager it shows everything installed correctly.

    any thoughts?

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    Weird. Is it latest cPanel? Try running the `/scripts/upcp` . As well, please select and provision the "CloudLinux + All PHP Options + OpCache + mod_lsapi" profile from Easy Apache 4 page.

    Overall, seems the message could be safely ignored.


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      so running that command did not fix it. Also im not the only one seeing this issue. The cpanel discord has seen 3 other people with same issue.

      I had reinstalled the os and cpanel and then converted to cl again and same thing. It shows This profile includes the following packages that are not supported on this server:

      on the easy apache profile screen.


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        when i try to load the profile it wants to uininstall everything but lets me keep them installed.


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          yes, everything is fresh and cpanel version 112.0.7


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            actually it wont let me load the profile. It fails


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              Here are the logs
              Attached Files


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                Overall I see nothing wrong in the log.

                And the warning you see about the packages not being "supported on this server" is because they were neither installed through EasyApache nor are they being managed by EasyApache. This warning can be ignored, as it has no impact on the normal operation of EasyApache or the PHP Selector.