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  • Apache gets stuck

    Im having an issue with a new server w/ Cloudlinux 7 and Cpanel v90.
    From time to time (a few minutes to 2h) apache just stucks and stops accepting and serving connections. At that moment what I see in netstat is connections from the servers public IP to the same IP on port 80. All the open connections are linked to apache process with user nobody. Its very unusual behaviour, because at that moment the server has plenty of free mem and the load actually goes down to something like 0.1.
    Cagefs is on, every vhost is in cagefs. I have tried diferent MTM modules except itk, with lsapi, cgi, fcgi, and the same behaviour stays.
    What is even funnier is that we have one site, very old, plan html + javascript, made with Frontpage. The moment I unsuspend this thing and apache goes down. Now Im migrating these sites from a server w/ Cloudlinux 6 and Cpanel v90, where this behaviour is not seen and the same websites are working and the server behaves well. I have been trying to find the differences between the servers and what could possibly cause this behaviour but so far a few days later Im out of ideas.
    I would appreciate your help.

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    Hello Vladimir,
    Thank you for reaching out! To help you with this question we need a little bit more information, please create a ticket here and technical experts will help you asap.
    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here. Thank you for contacting us.