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Increasing load on several servers

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  • Increasing load on several servers


    I recently started managing a number of shared hosting servers running cPanel and Cloudlinux. However, since the beginning of March, we have been experiencing a weird issue where load keeps climbing up to 800 even when apache has been killed.

    Every time this happens, we have to reboot the server and then things are calm again. I have written to CL about this and also updated kernels.

    I will really appreciate some help and advice if anyone else has experienced or is experiencing this and how to resolve or track this.

    Kindly note that before this started, we had no major updates on the kernel and it happens on random servers as well.

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    Howdy Nerdy,

    That load average is bad news. All I have are guesses as to what is wrong, so lets try and gather some data. What versions of CloudLinux and cPanel are you on? Have you installed sysstat on all of these systems?

    Another option would be to try using this tool cPanel made it makes a LOT of data, so dont let it fill up your hard drive.



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      Hello Eric,

      Thanks for your response. We currently are on Cloudlinux 7.8 and cPanel version 94.

      I haven’t installed sysstat yet but I have iotop and iostat available for use.

      Will check the cPanel tool out as well and update this thread if I catch anything out of place.