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Newer kernel for Cloudlinux question

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  • Newer kernel for Cloudlinux question

    Hello people.
    Having in mind that most datacenters and providers now are shipping newer hardware like ryzen 4xxx / 5xxx / EPYC / and or NVMe, also most people started playing around with openzfs and so on...

    I was wondering if there is (or will be) an option for newer kernel with LVE limits ?

    For example, oracle is using 5.4 (UEL)
    Elrepo provides "mainline stable" (kernel-ml) (kernel 5.10)
    and "long term support" (kernel-lt) (kernel 5.4)
    for Centos / RHEL / whatever EL OS.

    Do you have plans for a newer kernel for better hardware support on a different repo/channel (for the brave ones)?

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    I have passed this request to CloudLinux OS Team. However, theres no ETA currently available for 5.x kernels in CL OS 8. Please stay tuned to our blog at for updates.


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      my guess: wont see it until RHEL 9

      RHEL9 is based on fedora 34 (that includes kernel 5) and just went into beta on November 3rd. so probably a few weeks after RHEL 9 comes out, and knowing RHEL based distros there wont be a direct upgrade path, especially if you are running cpanel or plesk.