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CPSRVD Service Stops Shortly After Enabling CageFS

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  • CPSRVD Service Stops Shortly After Enabling CageFS

    The incident started a few days ago when mysql started to stop functioning well in few hours of intervals (normally in between 6-12 hours).
    However, when I check status of mysql (systemctl status mysql) it's running fine. But I had to manually restart mysql service (/scripts/restartsrv_mysql or systemctl restart mysql).
    I did check the logs and found nothing useful.
    And then same thing started for the httpd server. It shows running fine from the system but had to restart every few hours.
    And it continued and cpsrvd stared to stop automatically, noting found upon checking logs. However there was some memory segmentation error shown a few times and cache value was high in the memory. So, I even changed physical memory cards (RAM) in order to be 100% sure that the hardware is not causing the issue.
    I did completely remove cloudlinux and reinstalled it as well. However it didn't help. However, upon disabling cagefs the system seems to be stable (at least for now). Any possible guidance, references would be grateful regarding the issue and the solution.

    I'm using litespeed server and cloudlinux manager 7.10.8 on alma linux 8.9.

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    This looks really strange, we discussed it internally, researched for similar tickets however seems nothing similar happened before. At the first glance it doesn't look to be directly CageFS related, maybe it's some coincidence of factors that leads to such summary.

    For sure it's better to investigate the issue on a server itself, however, if you can reproduce the issue please share `cat /proc/meminfo` as well `dmesg | tail -200` from when it happens.