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Diagnose PHP Selector/CageFS issues

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  • Diagnose PHP Selector/CageFS issues

    How are you suppose to diagnose PHP Selector (or could be a CageFS issue, Im not sure) issues when enabled?

    I took a cPanel account backup from another server and restored it on another server. The old server did not have CageFS/PHP Selector, the new server does. Now PHP is not parsing on the new server. Im being asked to download the PHP file and view the PHP code for the account.

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    If all was donw with cpanels scripts (pkgacct / restorepkg) and you have cagefs enabled for all by default , then it should enable CageFS and create necessary files for selector. Please show the following:
    cagefsctl --display-user-mode

    However I believe disabling / enabling CageFS for this user will help:
    cagefsctl --disable USERNAME
    cagefsctl --enable USERNAME


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      Somewhat embarrassed on this one.

      Turns out the account had some AddHandler directives in their .htaccess file that was interfering with PHP Selector. Removing those and this worked. Never thought to look for something like that.