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Nearly ready to order and have 4 final questions

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  • Nearly ready to order and have 4 final questions


    I am nearly ready to order, but have 4 questions.
    Just incase you need to know, I am using a Vultr VPS.

    1. I am wanting to use CageFS, for the security side of things, however I would like to symlink to some files outside of the account directory.
    Will this be possible or will all files have to be in the account folder, instead of symlinks?

    2. My VPS provider allows me to upgrade the ram,cpu, disck space and bandwidth automatically via their control panel, will this affect CloudLinux in anyway, if/when I do this?

    3. My VPS is running on KVM with CentOS 6.7 and cPanel/WHM, will CloudLinux work ok, with the KVM?

    4. I think I will start with the CloudLinux 30 days trial, before, ordering, now I presume when I order it, I will need to verify with CloudLinux that I have an active license, is that correct?


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    - You should have no problems making symlinks to files outside of user’s home/account directory. CageFS is not limited by that. You might need to adjust configuration to include extra directories - but that depends on your setup (most people don’t need to do that). Support will be happy to help you with that.
    - This should have no effect on CL/there should be no issues.
    - This is as standard as it gets, CL will work OK
    - As long as you order before trial runs out from the same account — the server registration will switch to new license by itself. Otherwise, you would need to re-register your server using: /usr/sbin/rhnreg_ks —activationkey=NEWKEY —force command, where NEWKEY is the new activation key you would get when ordering new license.


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      Thanks for the reply I have just got the trial key, so will install it soon.
      One other question, is it best for my forum account and CloudlLnux acount to have the same email address, or does it not matter?


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        It really doesn matter