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CageFS and 500 Internal Server Error suPHP

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  • CageFS and 500 Internal Server Error suPHP

    I have clean installation of cPanel + cloudlinux + cagefs + php selector + mysql governor. When CageFS is enabled for user I get "Error 500 Internal Server Error". When disabled - it works. The following errors are generated in apache error log:

    [Wed Jul 06 08:45:39.208673 2016] [:error] [pid 35305] [client xxx:53639] SoftException in Application.cpp:604: Could not execute script "/xxxxx/index.php"
    [Wed Jul 06 08:45:39.208735 2016] [:error] [pid 35305] [client xxx:53639] Caused by SystemException in API_Linux.cpp:465: chdir() failed: No such file or directory
    [Wed Jul 06 08:45:39.208896 2016] [core:error] [pid 35305] [client xxx0:53639] End of script output before headers: index.php

    I check permission of folders and files but everything looks OK - folders (755), files (644). PHP is running as suphp on server.

    Tried reinstalling cagefs but no effect. Any ideas?

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    I think I found a solution. Home is not on separate partition. Its /var/home actually and /home is a symlink. After changing
    Home » Server Configuration » Basic cPanel & WHM Setup » Basic Config
    Enter the location where you wish for new users home directories to be created. By default all directories matching the "Home Directory Prefix" are checked for available disk space and the directory with the most free space will be used to /var/home it seems to work now.


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      Good to hear it is solved now. Inside cagefs we always mount user homes as /home/user , while /var/home was not abailable from inside. Your solution looks to be correct one.