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  • PHP selector not work right

    I just install a new server with cPanel + Cloudlinux. After finish install, everything is ok. But after 2 days i have someuser and then, i have check back on server and found the problem with php selector. The problem is i only can use 3 php version: native version (build fr om EA3) + 5.6 and 7.0. All version below 5.6 (5.5, 5.4....4.4) is not working right. When i choose version below 5.6 in GUI, we got error "Unable to set version 5.5 for user : ([Errno 13] Permission denied)". I have try some solution before but no result:

    1> Reinstall alt-php and cagefs, after reinstall, everything work ok on....some hours and then broken again. (try cagefsctl --force-update too)

    2> If i use command line to set php version selectorctl --set-user-current=5.4 --user= => Everything work ok, but i need it work on GUI for my customers.

    3> When got error in GUI, my webpage will got 500 error, when i #su => #php -v => #bash: php: command not found

    I had check the /var/cagefs/userid/username/etc/cl.selector, it only have 2 symlink:

    lsphp -> /opt/alt/php55/usr/bin/lsphp
    php-fpm -> /opt/alt/php55/usr/sbin/php-fpm

    But with 5.6 or 7.0 or change version by command line (everthing work ok), it have

    lsphp -> /opt/alt/php54/usr/bin/lsphp
    php -> /opt/alt/php54/usr/bin/php-cgi
    php-cli -> /opt/alt/php54/usr/bin/php
    php-fpm -> /opt/alt/php54/usr/sbin/php-fpm
    php.ini -> /opt/alt/php54/etc/php.ini

    Wh ere is the problem came from ? I think it came from symlink cant work on php <5.6. Please help me...

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    Sorry, I missed this thread. Hard to say what is the core of the issue, please create support ticket at to find the root case of misconfiguration.