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cPanel / CageFS / Shell > "top" command

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  • vmarchuk
    Hello, Sven.

    Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, there is no such feature at the moment.
    But you can add feature requests here:
    This makes it easy for us to track what people want.

    Leave a comment:

  • monitorlinux
    started a topic cPanel / CageFS / Shell > "top" command

    cPanel / CageFS / Shell > "top" command

    I have an Question about cPanel and SSH (User based).

    Before i begin, everything is working fine. CageFS is active and working.
    But there is one thing we would like to prevent from our user´s.

    - Login as User over SSH
    - Run command "top"

    I think it is not optimal that User´s ca see the yellow marked server details. (Screenshot)
    These details are good, but users should only see his details based on his account package. (Like tasks)