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Email Pipe to program with CageFS

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  • Email Pipe to program with CageFS

    Is it possible to pipe to a program outside the users home directory?

    For example:
    /opt/xxx/xxx/file.php (which is 0755)

    My CageFS config has:
    Ive also tried adding:

    I get an error email that says:
    ------ pipe to |/opt/xxx/xxx/file.php
    Exception: Zend Extension /opt/xxx/xxx/file.php does not exist

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    Yes, it should be possible. But could you please clarify, why this program should be located outside of users cage?
    Have you checked if /opt/xxx/xxx/ accessible from users cage?
    Also, you need to remount cagefs-skeleton, if CageFS config has been changed:
    # cagefsctl --remount-all


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      The program is a custom one Im creating that applies to all users on the server.

      I have php files in this same directory that each user can include and that works fine. Ive run "cagefsctl -e $USERNAME" and can view the file in question as permissions 755. Is this the best way to test?


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        If you want to enter CageFS as a user, you should use the following command:
        # /bin/su - $USERNAME -s /bin/bash

        Also, this article might be helpful for you:


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          Using the test you describe provides good results. I can still view the file in question as 755.

          The article is good and I got the pipe working when it pipes to a script within the actual home directory. However if I change it to pipe to the /opt/xxx/xxx/file.php - thats where I get the failure.

          The only thing I can think that might be causing it is the shebang. Im using #!/usr/local/bin/php .... does this get handled differently when its outside of a home directory? I wouldnt think so.


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            Please submit a ticket to, our techs will check the issue in place.