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Mod_lsapi & Multi-PHP vs PHP Selector?

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  • Mod_lsapi & Multi-PHP vs PHP Selector?

    Ive been looking at mod_lsapi on an CloudLinux CentOS 6 server with EA4 recently converted across but Im a little on the confused side regarding installation.

    1. Cagefs pushes you gently towards PHP selector instead of Multi-PHP so Id love to understand why Multi-PHP is the UI needed to make use of LSAPI?

    2. Assuming Im using Cagefs, is there any real benefit to using PHP Selector over Multi-PHP bearing in mind that its a dedicated server with just one admin so Cpanel interaction isnt relevant/required?

    Just as add... The documentation on Cloudlinux is in some cases out of date, contradictory and a mite confusing... Might be worth someone deleting the old stuff.

    If anyone can shed any light on 1 and help with 2 thatd be much appreciated.

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    CageFS and PHP Selector are installed with mod_lsapi only as dependency. Theres no need to either activate or use them - you can continue using MultiPHP. PHP Selector (actually Alt-PHP) is only needed if your setup requires older PHP binaries (not provided by cPanel)


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      We have a couple of related questions:

      1. There has been another reason to use alt-php rather than ea-php which is that all alt-php versions are supposed to be hardened, but none of the cPanel’s ea-php versions are hardened. Is this still correct at this time?

      2. CloudLinux has its own repo for EA4. Does this mean the ea-php versions from CloudLinux’s EA4 repo are actually also hardened by CloudLinux, with the exact same security patches as the alt-php versions?

      3. If PHP Selector is disabled in WHM, and we wish to offer only PHP 5.3 - 7.2, are there any reasons for us to make alt-php versions available via MultiPHP?


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        1) ea-php packages installed from CloudLinux repo are hardened the same way as alt-php packages
        2) yes, see (1)
        3) actually not, ea-php binaries cover all the versions from 5.3 - 7.2 range


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          Hi, one more question on this topic.

          I always liked the way PHP selector have to allow select the modules you need for your php.
          But it seems that I cant find this on the MultiPHP youre saying is the recommended one?

          So... what do people do? ... just install all and every module for all and every php version ? ... dont this make the php heavier? or modules are only loaded when required/used ?
          (you know what I mean... in some time, having a full loaded php was heavy to the server or ram... now, are they dinamically loaded anyway so it just the same?)



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            Please find more information on this topic at: