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Users /.cagefs/opt/alt/php74/var/lib/php/session filled with 400-500k files

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  • Users /.cagefs/opt/alt/php74/var/lib/php/session filled with 400-500k files


    I tried running tmpwatch manually but nothing happend:

    root@:~# cagefsctl -v --tmpwatch
    root@:~# du -h /home/username/.cagefs/opt/alt/php74/var/lib/php
    1.9G /home/username/.cagefs/opt/alt/php74/var/lib/php/session
    1.9G /home/username/.cagefs/opt/alt/php74/var/lib/php

    So I manually edited /etc/cagefs/cagefs.ini and added that folder:
    tmpwatch = /usr/sbin/tmpwatch -umclq 72

    Then I ran tmpwatch again manually and then files where cleaned:
    0 /home/username/.cagefs/opt/alt/php74/var/lib/php/session

    Why are these files/folders not cleaned automatically?
    I also checked docs here:

    But I cannot see what were missing.

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    Hello Morten,
    Thank you for reaching out! In the dock you followed it states:
    "For cPanel servers, CageFS version 6.0-42 or higher performs cleaning of PHP sessions based on session.gc_maxlifetime and session.save_path directives specified in proper php.ini files."
    In this case, you need to check which version of Cagefs you have on the server, if 6.0-42 or higher, then you need to check the value of the session.save_path variable
    in /opt/alt/php74/etc/php.ini - maybe it is not equal to /opt/alt/php74/var/lib/php/session, so those session files were not cleaned by the crown.
    It would be better if you create a ticket here and technical experts will help you asap.
    Thank you for contacting us.