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cagefs on Directadmin, /sbin/consoletype error after SSH login (fixed)

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  • cagefs on Directadmin, /sbin/consoletype error after SSH login (fixed)

    I create a default login for one user.

    I am missing the sbin in the initial mount. So when I login I get an error about /sbin/consoltype not available.

    Then I change sbin) in /etc/cagefs

    When I do: cagefsctl --disable test80
    The user is disabled but the drive is still mounted(cagefsctl -l) so nothing changed(perhaps it should be gone after disable user).
    Then I do cagefsctl --unmount test80 and the mount is gone.

    The I re-enable the user and login again the console message is gone.

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    Here is a better approach (and this issue will be fixed in next version, it is fairly rare, only happens with users using csh as shell).

    First of all, remove sbin from -- it has a few suid programs that shouldn be inside CageFS
    Add cagefs template in /etc/cagefs/conf.d like: consoletype.cfg
    In it:
    comment=consoletype script for csh

    Execute: cagefsctl --update
    Followed by cagefsctl --unmount-all

    That will add /sbin/consoletype into the template, and will remount all the users.


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      Hi Igor,

      Thanks for responding!

      I saw no harm in it because I only have consoletype in the sbin directory :-)
      I changed it the way you suggested but the file consoletype does not shop up in the cage.

      /sbin/consoletype was already in binutils.cfg also ?



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        /sbin has lots of files in most cases, like modprobe, reboot, etc...

        If consoletype was already in binutils -- I am not sure why it failed at all. Very strange.


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          You are right, more files exist in /sbin, so forget what I said :-)

          Only when I add /sbin to it works.
          Then only the consoletype file is available in the cage /sbin map, not the rest.
          When I remove sbin from it does not work.

          If you want you can have a look at the server(no users on it).


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            Sure, please, submit a ticket at with access info, and I will take a look.


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              You were right, you needed to add sbin to
              One thing to make sure, it is sbin, not /sbin that has to be added (otherwise, full /sbin from root partition would be mounted).

              I forgot that this version doesn automatically update, the next one will pick up all the needed folders in automated fashion.