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Anyone else using cloudlinux?

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  • Anyone else using cloudlinux?

    I recently switched my Plesk installation powering my site and family sites from centos 7 under the hood to cloudlinux as it’s supposed to be better for shared hosting environments.

    After two weeks with this setup I noticed significant improvements in overall site speed, and I’m able to do more advanced limits with LVE.

    Is anyone else using cloudlinux? If so, why and how did/didn’t it help?

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    Any helps? I'm waiting for you.


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      Since this community is not active yet let me answer from our perspective.

      CloudLinux features are not about the performance, they are designed mostly to prevent all the spikes in RAM/CPU/IO consumption -- people are using significantly smaller servers to host the same number of customers. You might see the improvements when your neighbors were overusing resources. The only one feature that is directly related to performance is Mod_Lsapi, it helps with website loading speed.

      Hope other members will jump into this thread and share their opinion. Same time, you may want to search for similar posts over reddit or webhostingtalk forum.