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  • Cockpit System Control Panel


    Has anyone installed cockpit on CloudLinux?

    Cockpit makes it easy to administer your Linux servers via a web browser.

    Have not tried yet, but may give it a go?

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    Now that is an excellent question! I have used cockpit on my AlmaLinux server quite a bit, but I have WHM on my CloudLinux system, and never thought to try. Until now!

    This guide was gold for me -

    I was able to follow this and get cockpit running in ~2minutes.

    Fun question, Thanks!


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      Thanks, good to know it was easy, I feel a test coming on, maybe in the New Year, got a lot on at present, thanks for the link.


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        Hello Guys,

        I hope you are all doing well. Indeed a quite old post but i think i am going to give it a try.

        As i am currently reading the thread i see no relevant feedback after using cockpit on CL. While I am thinking about implementing this particular installation.​ It would be very useful and helpful if you could share your experience of using it with us. Are there any points of attention or anything else worth to be mentioned here?

        Thank you,


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          I'm curious if anyone has used these panels before? If so does anyone offer a back/enclosure for them? I wouldn't really want the switches/wires exposed sitting out on my desk.
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