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How do you generate IMMUNIFY360 key correctly and attach to the server

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  • How do you generate IMMUNIFY360 key correctly and attach to the server

    Hi guys, newbie here, I got stuck right at the beginning..
    even creating and using a key.

    after purchasing first 1 user immunify360 I received an email with activation key, I submitted this key to my server admin, he installed immunify360 and activated. later, I cancelled this subscription (it was 30 users and didn't need it) and purchased another one with 1 user, key has changed. but my admin said old key is still working don't change anything at this point. this is the first part of the confusion. if my key changed as a result of cancelling and buying new subscription I should update the new key to the server right?

    second question: now, I bought second 1 user immunify360 subscription for my second server but I cannot attached to a server. how do I first assign this new purchase to my second server? I didn't receive new key, when I generate new key there is no option on to marry this new key with a new server. I spent two days but nothing.. questions remains: where is the new key after second purchase? I created a ticket and waiting for 2 days/ immunify360 is installed to my second server but I don't know how to create a key and activate the product, I generate new key and try it, it says key is invalid.

    my username is [edited] please advise..

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    We would like to help you understand what happened and have already opened a ticket for you, in which we answered some questions, as well as requested additional information. We will be waiting for a response from you in an open ticket.

    Thank you.‚Äč


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      thank you very much. I asked one last question about how to associate server with the license key. waiting response from the admin. Best