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  • Ruby Selector gem management

    When using the ruby selector how are gems supposed to be managed? Can gems be installed via ssh as would be standard for a ruby application, if so how would the correct ruby version be selected via the command line?


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    Ive had a play with this and it looks like the only way to install ruby gems is to do it via the web interface or via the command line as the root user. If this is the only way to manage gems its virtually unusable for many ruby applications that use more than a couple of ruby gems. Its common for ruby applications to use 20-30 gems. It would take an extremely long time to install all of these via the web interface.

    Virtually all ruby applications use the bundler gem with a Gemfile to manage the gems an application needs, ruby developers would also expect to be able to install their gems via the command line using an automated deploy script such as capistrano. Or alternatively something that auto detects a ruby application and installs the gems using bundler in a similar way to a service like heroku would do.

    Without these features, or similar the ruby selector is not going to be something ruby developers would use. Could you let me know if there is any way to manage gems by the end user without having to use the web interface. Or if this is something that is planned for the future.