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PHP version is posted wrong

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  • PHP version is posted wrong

    After changing the PHP version using PHP Selector it shows wrong version in cPanel

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    Not sure if this is a bug or if it simply does not work? I changed the PHP version on an account to a newer version than the default but when you look at the sidebar stats in the account cPanel it still shows the account is using the server default version and I have confirmed that the account is working with the new version. Is there something else I need to do or is this something we just have to know is correct?


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      I have this exact same issue and I discovered that my PHP handler (mod_php/DSO) is NOT compatible with the PHP Selector component of Cloud Linux.

      It is compatible with the other three common handlers - suPHP, FCGID, CGI

      You should check this as it might be the cause of your problem, however is you are using mod_php/DSO, changing handlers may break some web sites.


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        Kevin Morrison, we are aware about this issue and hope will be able to fix in next releases.

        Kevin, php-selector by its nature can work only with suphp/fcgid/cgi as in this case PHP scripts are executed with user ownership. And changing handler (dso > suphp/fcgid) will not brake your websites, only in some cases htaccess directives will not be processed, but overall procedure is safe enough.


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          Thanks Bogdan, that is good to know. I have clients that are irritated with me because of this, although I am able to prove they are getting what they paid for it is additional time I do not have.


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            I am having the same issue as the original poster..

            I just installed Cloudlinux today on an established shared hosting server running CentOS 6.5 and cPanel. What am I missing that would prevent this setting from showing the correct verion of php?

            My current settings are listed below...

            WHM 11.42.0 (build 23)

            Kernel Version 2.6.32-458.23.2.lve1.2.52.el6.x86_64 (SMP) x86_64

            Distro Name Icon CloudLinux Server release 6.5 (Pavel Popovich)

            Default PHP Version (.php files) 5
            PHP 5 Handler suphp
            Apache suEXEC on
            Apache Ruid2 off


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              I dont think they (cloudlinux developers) ever "fixed" this problem. The PHP version shown in the cpanel is always the version installed by EasyApache in the WHM. It doesnt show the actual PHP version of the account which is selected by CloudLinux PHP Selector.

              I have no idea why they cant fix this, as it is definitely very annoying when customer switches PHP version and then contacts us to complain it isnt working because cpanel still shows the old server default version.


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                I could be mistaken, but doesn cPanel use its own internal build of PHP separate from the rest of the system? That used to be how it worked, so it makes sense cPanel is not reporting a different version even if clients have changed it using PHP selector, because cPanel doesn use that one.

                If clients contact you regarding this, it should be relatively trivial to tell them to upload a PHPInfo page to their space and see that the version is changing correctly....


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                  Yes, its easy for us to understand because were technical people. We know how this stuff works.

                  But for the vast majority of our customers, who are non-technical, its very confusing. It shouldnt be necessary to waste our time and our customers time to teach them how to create a phpinfo page just to view basic PHP version, when that is already being displayed.

                  So you buy a car and you look at the speedometer. Oh no, wait. That speedometer isnt accurate. No, you need to install your own special equipment so you can view the correct speed for your car. The one included in the vehicle isnt correct.



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                    Wow, angry and bitter much? I wasnt saying this wouldnt be fixed, merely informing you that right now I would think its working correctly fr om that point of view.

                    Its not confusing at all if you explain what I previously wrote to your clients; that cPanel uses a different version of PHP. Most scripts these days will provide some system information and inform the user what version of PHP theyre running, so they could see the changes immediately. Alternatively you could create the PHP info script for your client. Though the fact you consider it a waste of time speaks volume for your customer service and customer service skills

                    PS. Your analogy was terrible. There is only ever one velocity in a car, and is not comparable to a PHP Selector environment wh ere multiple versions can be running at the same time.

                    At the end of the day you can sit here and complain about it not working "correctly" and demanding it be fixed, or you could do your job and show your clients how to see that its not the same version running in cPanel. Its never a waste of time to do your job, is it? One day it will be fixed and you can relax again...


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                        The PHP version displayed in the stats sidebar of the cPanel X3 theme is from the PHP installation compiled by EasyApache, not the alt-php RPMs from CloudLinux and not the cpanel-php RPMs used by third-party PHP-based software and plug-ins internal to cPanel&WHM.