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Correct Way to add a php module

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  • Correct Way to add a php module


    I have installed something that requires curl and it doesn appear the list of modules for me to enable it.

    Normally I would run easyapache and choose the option, but will this then add the module to all php versions as easyapache reports php 5.4 being current and I am actually using 5.5 from cloudlinux via php selector.

    Please help.

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    It sounds like PHP selctor isnt working. Easyapache configures the version called "native" in phpselector. If phpselector isnt working then all accounts would be using this version, so yes installing curl with easyapache would install it for every account eitheir using native version or with php selctor not working.

    Curl is installed by default on our PHP selector installs, what do you have in your phpinfo ?

    On php selector 5.5 you should have :

    php -v
    PHP 5.5.15 (cli) (built: Jul 30 2014 14:00:25)
    php -m|grep curl
    Make sure you have enabled cagefs four that account and that shell is set to normal for that account too, then if it still doesnt work you should open a ticket with Cloudlinuxs support.


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      It does work, Id installed BoxBilling and got white screen when launching, I read docs and it said either IonCube loader or curl wasn loading, I checked and IonCube was showing as selected in the php selector but curl wasn even in the list so I assumed that was the problem, but it was actually that it needed PHP5,4 not 5.5