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Alt-php - dont allow cpanel users to change modules

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  • Alt-php - dont allow cpanel users to change modules

    In the same vein as disabling the ability for cpanel users to change php.ini settings, Id like to prevent them from changing installed modules from default. I saw that you can force a module off, but I cant figure out how to force one on. I do want them to see and be able to change the php version though. Is this possible?

    As a side note, it would be really nice if the cpanel php selector page was also in WHM so groups of sites could have their php selector versions seen and changed at the same time. If this was in WHM, I would just be able to remove the phpselector from the package features.

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    I have the same question -- I would like to allow some customers to select a preconfigured alt php hardened legacy version, but I dont want them to be able to change individual php settings.


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      There is a way to disable ability selecting PHP extensions by customers, just tick a checkbox in WHM > CL LVE Manager > Options > "Hide PHP extension selection" . So, you manage extensions from WHM > LVE Manager > PHP Selector and users will not have ability to overwrite them.

      However, for well qualified user there are a lot of other ways to change php settings.. with htaccess, php ini_set function, or search across filesystem ...

      About PHP selector page in WHM to groups of sites - we will continue supporting it, fix bugs, and even enhance some functionality, but we dont plan to actively develop it. We will fully support PHPSelector until MultiPHP has all the features that PHPSelector already has. More: