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  • Questions about EasyApache 4

    Had my data center upgrade from EasyApache 3 to 4 and after some issues with PHP it seems to be running. I am in EasyApache 4 now and I am seeing some configuration options that make no sense why they are not enabled. Under Apache MPM the only thing they installed was mod_mpm_worker and mod_mpm_event, mod_mpm_itk and mod_mpm_prefork all of which appear to be part of CloudLinux are disabled. I am wondering if those need to be enabled in order for CloudLinux to work properly?

    Same holds true for options in the Apache Modules and much of the rest of the configuration. All of which appear to be integrated with CloudLinux. Is there a documentation that would tell me what is the best configuration for this?

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    Hey, I would like to describe more EasyApache 4 itself. You have few steps that are listed on a left, first steps is selecting Apache MPM . The chosen one will be marked with green Installed tag. There are no other MPMs available, but all of them are supported by CloudLinux (actually, ITK do not support just PHP-Selector).

    Next steps allows you choosing apache modules, php versiona and php extensions. There are no documentation what should be enabled, just use defailts.

    As soon as you see apache/php processes in lveps -p output you are good to go. If you have some doubts feel free to create support ticket and we will check if all Ok.


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      Thanks for the pointers bogdan...