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WHM session permissions bug

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  • WHM session permissions bug

    There was a WHM 64/66 bug with php session writing, however it looks like its been fixed. However Im still seeing evidence of it. Im posting it here because Im using CL alt-php with easyapache4 and I think it may have been for WHM users who use the native multiphp, but maybe not alt-php.

    I posted a thread on the cpanel forums:

    Just curious if there is anything about this on CL side. Most notably right now my question is: where are my session files at? phpinfo() says /tmp but there arent any files there. There also arent any files in /opt/alt/php71/var/lib/php/session or /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php71.

    Ultimately my session are creating properly, but it looks like there is a problem 1% of the time at garbage collection.

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    session.save_path has been changed since cagefs-6.0-56. For the new installations of Alt-PHP packages session.save_path will be changed from /tmp to /opt/alt/phpNN/var/lib/php/session, where NN corresponds to Alt-PHP version.

    But please note, that we virtualized /opt/alt/phpNN/var/lib/php/session directory for each user by means of CageFS.
    For example:
    # cat /etc/cagefs/ | grep session


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      Cool thanks. So I guess I need to manually switch it... which Ive done. Those entries were in

      So before I changed it, session path was set to /tmp which actual put them in /home/$user/.cagefs/tmp. However I dont see virtualization directive for /tmp in my file. So Im not really sure how it was working at all before. Unless /tmp is special in some way and doesnt need a directive. Maybe this is why garbage collection was having an issue?


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        I´m having issues with sessions too
        Apparently all is ok. For example i have a site with PHP 5.6 (alt56)
        The session_save_path in phpinfo appears ok : /opt/alt/php56/var/lib/php/session

        But somethign happens.. The php scripts loks like keep the sessions ok between files, but NOT between folders.
        When we want to keep the session in different folder it not works
        If we force the session_save_path to any folder inside the site, it works, but not working with /opt/alt/php56/var/lib/php/session

        some permission issue maybe?



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          Please submit a ticket to, our techs will check the issue in place.


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            Fixed!! was other the problem programming issue Thanks Fabian