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mbstring configured with disable-mbregex

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  • mbstring configured with disable-mbregex

    Running into an issue with a cPanel account on our server.

    This person is running IPS forums and after some troubleshooting theyve (IPS Support) told them the following

    > The Multibyte String extension has been configured with the --disable-mbregex option. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for it to be reconfigured without that option.

    Ive asked this client of mine to ask IPS how this gets enabled / configured without that option and all they tell us is to recompile it... (We are using CloudLinux & cPanel)
    Ive removed this php module & re-added it (same thing) weve changed php versions (same thing) weve even migrated them to our development server to see if the issue is present there (it is)
    Ive tried searching google but am not having luck, would someone know how to get this done.

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    Thank you for reaching out! To help you with this question we need a little bit more information, could you please provide us the PHPinfo?
    Thank you.


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      Hello Sergey Khristich , thanks for the response;
      I went to their site to get the phpinfo page for you & the thing that ips had us run and well.. (see image)
      I have no clue why its saying no issues now as no one made any changes to the server between last night & now but its showing its working


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        Thanks for the information. Happy to hear it and thanks for following up!
        If you require any further information, let me know.