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Redis on shared cPanel server running CL

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  • Redis on shared cPanel server running CL

    Hi all, relatively new to Cloudlinux, have a question about CafeFS & Redis on cPanel.

    If I install Redis with these guidelines -

    does this mean that each cPanel user effectively have there own Redis container which is secure and not accessible by other users also running Redis, or are other steps required to make it work securely?

    Or have I completely missed the mark, and if so any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello David,

    no, its a single Redis instance shared between all users. Its a complex problem and we havent seen a working automated solution so far.


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      Hello David,

      We are using REDIS on a per-account basis with CageFS enabled for the past ~7 years.

      What need to be done:

      1) Create a configuration file under the user account (i.e. ~/etc/redis/redis.conf)

      2) Create a REDIS cront job monitoring under the user crontab

      3) Enjoy

      It will be safe like MySQL (other local user will still be able to reach the other local users DB).

      And if you want to automate it, simply add the creation of it while you create an account.

      And thats about it.


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        Hey Mark,

        Can you offer some additional details on how you managed to set this up? Are the users able to clear their own cache, can they modify the memory value or have options at all?

        If you have a cPanel plugin developed, similar to what Kualo has I would be interested in purchasing it if possible