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Sql files in /.cagefs/tmp

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  • Sql files in /.cagefs/tmp

    Sql files in /.cagefs/tmp

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    I finding daily (and twice daily) sql files being saved in some accounts on the server, which are taking up a lot of space and I don understand why these are appearing.

    The path in all is .. /home/*useraccount*/.cagefs/tmp/database_wp_20151014_987.sql

    Does anyone know why these are present, and can I stop these sqls from appearing?



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      I suppose some wordpress plugins are saving temporary backups to it, or they are left after some wordpress restore. I am sure you should not remove them as server admin, but they are counted toward users disk space. Suppose the right way here is just to point your customer about files left in /tmp/ which is not secure.


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        Thank you, Bogdan, a wordpress backup plugin was causing this, and its now been disabled.


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          FYI, I have an open ticket with CloudLinux regarding files in /.cagefs/tmp/ not being automatically cleared out. I found this after one customer exceeded their disk quota, and it was determined to be files being written and never cleared. Even today, this customer has over 54,000 files in /.cagefs/tmp/ dating back several months. The daily cron to clear them out isnt working. I havent had a ticket update in quite a while, but Im told its being worked on.

          Just pointing this out, in case it is related to your issue. In theory, your customer is welcome to write tmp files... but they should be removed eventually, automatically.

          - Scott


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            Thanks, Scott.

            Since I disabled the backup cronjob on the site I mentioned, I havent had any more files in /.cagefs/tmp/