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Is CageFS pointless with cPanel 11.38?

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  • Is CageFS pointless with cPanel 11.38?

    Hello, ive reader here:

    > Filesystem level solutions (best choices):
    > mod_ruid + jailshell [RECOMMENDED]: cPanel & WHM 11.38 Release Notes
    > Upside: Very easy to enable, just recompile apache + enable in tweak settings and you are done.
    > Downside: Requires cPanel 11.38 (RELEASE soon), doesnt scale well on CentOS5/RHEL5 (ok if < 256 users), requires mod_ruid2, marked EXPERIMENTAL
    > cagefs [RECOMMENDED]: CloudLinux Documentation
    > Upside: Available on all cPanel supported platforms today, already included with CloudLinux
    > Downside: Nominal fee (requires CloudLinux), requires cagefsctl --update when changes are made

    So mod_ruid + jailshell (in 11.38) and cagefs are the same things?

    Thank you

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    Not even close. mod_ruid2 is a security nightmare waiting to happen -- with or without jailshell.
    Also, as it will be running mod_php -- it will have all the problems associated with mod_php.
    It is easy to enable, but it sucks... - from both security & stability perspective.


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      I agree, stick with suphp or fcgi and never change or think of anything else. Also CageFS is great. Ill never change
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